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The CUTEST Baby store in Boise, Idaho

I visited this local Boise, ID baby store – Pi Baby Boutique and I was excited to see that she had this new car seat and stroller on display that I saw recently on Facebook.  Have you seen this yet?  Momma’s this is just incredible and I sure wish it had been around when I had my kiddos.  It’s the baby seat and stroller in 1 piece!  Ohhhhh Myyyyy Gosh!!!!

The stroller even folds underneath the car seat to attach to your car insert!  I mean this is the coolest, because no more killing your arms and back!!  No more lugging out the carrier and then the stroller, and disabling it all again when your done!!  This may not seem like a big deal to new mom’s or mommy’s to be, but when you are running several errands with baby in tow, it really saves a lot of time…. and your body!  I remember when I first had my son and I thought to myself that at least with lugging around that heavy car seat, I’d have toned arms.  But not really.  And I ended up just having more back pain and struggling to carry my kids as they grew.  So when I saw this online I gasped in awe, because it’s really the best invention!!

Be sure to check out Doona Car Seat and definitely visit her AWESOME local Boise store!!  She has the cutest clothes for baby, kid, mommy, books, toys and pretty much anything else you’ll need as a momma.

I’m also absolutely in LOVE with her Hunter Boots !!  Super adorable!!

Plus, there is a beautiful kids play space next door that is a MUST to check out! https://www.urbangreenkids.com  I seriously wanted to go in and play too, but my daughter was at school, darn!  Must… go…. back!

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