About Rachel

picture taker | mom to 2 littles | story teller

"When you look back on a lifetime and think of what has been given to the world by your presence, your fugitive presence, inevitably you think of your art, whatever it may be, as the gift you have made to the world in acknowledgement of the gift you have been given, which is the life itself... that work is not an expression of the desire for praise or recognition, or prizes, but the deepest manifestation of your gratitude for the gift of life." ---Stanley Kunitz

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you love what you see.  I started my business in Orange County, CA in 2001, and I just feel so very blessed to all the families over the years, that have entrusted me to capture their precious moments.  I am a mom to two little loves, that just make life so beautiful!  We relocated to the Eagle area October 2016 and truly couldn’t be more happier.  

A little about me, my style is about telling a story and very personable, no matter who I’m photographing.  Even before I had my children, I had this vision of capturing the real life moments because I believe in telling a story, not just taking a picture.  By capturing your special moments, you are able to re-live them down the road, and your children too.  As your child grows, it happens so incredibly fast as you know, and you think you’ll never forget those cute things they used to do.  But inevitable you do.  I even look back at pictures I took when mine were younger and it gives me a complete flashback.  When I pass the walls in my house and see their pictures mounted on beautiful canvases, it makes me SO happy!  Pictures truly are priceless as they send you back to that EXACT moment.  The expression, the laughter, the sassiness.  Or at least that’s what it does for me with my daughter.

When I first started doing children’s photography, my inspiration was a photoshoot my mom had set up with a friend that was candidly shooting us from up on a hill, while her and I played on the playground.  I never knew he was there, but the images just perfectly capture that day.  I was about 3 and had a thick, furry hooded coat on, and we played at the park for quite a while.  They are all shot in b&w and they really help me envision that special day, even when I don’t remember it.  

When I first started in 2001, nobody was doing lifestyle children’s photography.  It took a while to get people away from posing, but finally it took off.  And I’ve never looked back!  I photograph my children this way too, and just let them play as they normally do.  I don’t focus so much on the ‘perfect’ picture, as I do the moment, the light and the emotion.  

When I photograph children and families, I love to just sit for a few to chat and play.  I believe this is how you open up to me, and become more comfortable.  I encourage families to pick locations that are important and special to them, as this helps tell your story.  I encourage bringing items to play with, anything that helps you all get into your relaxed state and this is where the magic happens.   I’ve had parents tell me I caught their child’s exact expression at that stage in their life and even dad’s say they had fun!  

I’ve had the privilege of photographing my clients' weddings, pregnancies and then their sweet baby, and child as they grow up.  My favorite is photographing the first year of your child and putting it together in a custom heirloom album.  And now I’m pleased to offer another session - A day in the life.  This is up to 4 hours of time with your family, capturing your normal daily adventures.  As, where you are in life right now will change soooo quickly.  These sessions capture the realness of life, the beauty and the challenges.  They are all sweet memories and looking back at your custom album years from now, will send you right back to that memorable day.  

If you feel my style would be a good fit, click on the the “contact section” so we can discuss details further and I can send you detailed pricing information. I can’t wait to meet you!